• Myja Gary

10 Celebrities That Have Been Cancelled That You Should Know About

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Cancel Culture is on the prowl and no celebrity, influencer, or reality TV star is off limits. As people across the nation continue to protest in the fight for justice against the unlawful murders of black men and women, many look to their favorite celebrities and influencers to speak out and stand against police brutality and racial injustice.

The pressure is on and Cancel Culture isn’t giving out any cut cards, and that includes celebrities. With pressure though, comes inauthentic and rushed responses and many celebrities are learning the hard way that their words and their actions can in fact, be used against them when the world is at war against racism and police brutality.

Here’s a list of 10 celebrities and influencers that have been cancelled by the culture via social media as a result of their comments regarding the black community, race relations and the current state of the world.

1. Desi Banks– Desi Banks, social media influencer and comedian, faced backlash after posting a meme that showed Martin Luther King marching with other peaceful protestors with the caption, “This is a Protest”, up against a picture of picture of looters at Target in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with the caption “This is a crime.” Many were angered by the tweet and considered Banks was “shaming” protestors in his comment. He later apologized, but many still consider him cancelled.

2. B. Simone– B. Simone’s fans began to notice and express their disappointment at her silence on racial injustice and the current state of the world. When the social media influencer and comedian finally spoke out, it seemed to make matters worse on her end. She tweeted, “I’m not living to please man. I’m here to please God at the end of the day…I am a Christian! I’m God fearing, I have to answer to him! I’m going to ask myself WWJD not what an angry black woman do. I am angry but I am also trying to be Godly.” After fans and critics deemed her cancelled, she tweeted in response, “I’ll never be ‘cancelled’. I’m doing my part! Period. I don’t need Twitter’s validation.”

3. Tokyo Jets– Fans and critics of rapper Tokyo Jetz quickly took to social media to express her cancellation after a video emerged of her making a joke about the death of George Floyd, who was unlawfully murdered by law enforcement officers. In the video, Tokyo Jetz appears to have Atlanta hairstylist, the Hair Physician, in a headlock and can be heard in the video saying, “I’ma George Floyd your motherfucking ass.” She later posted a video where she is in tears and issues an apology “to family, to people on the front lines, to people who actually stand up for us.”

4. Virgil Abloh– Creator of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, ticked off the black community after posting in a story on his Instagram that he contributed $50 “for kids in the streets” that needed bail funds during the continuous protests across the country. To clarify his donation, Virgil Abloh posted a note on his Instagram explaining that he actually donated $20,500 in total to “bail funds and other causes related to this movement” adding that he also joined a social media chain of friends who were matching $50 dollar donations. He later apologized for his contribution “appearing to some as if that was my only contribution to these important causes.” However, not only have fans and critics cancelled, him but twitter users now refer to the number 50 as ‘Virgil.’